Treepcb provide multi layer circuit board fabrication and assembly multilayer circuit PCB boards with BGA/FBGA usually, x-ray inspection is a must to ensure high-quality PCB BGA soldering.

Here is the x-ray BGA inspection contrast.

Treepcb Standard picture:
Full round pad, BGA balls radius and dimension is well- distributed, round shape, deep color and no blister or other defect.

PCB BGA soldering     PCB BGA soldering     PCB BGA soldering


Defect and description

A Defect: BGA dry joint          B. defect: BGA cold soldering       C. defect: short circuit

PCB BGA soldering    PCB BGA soldering    PCB BGA soldering

Vague BGA ball and different size        irregular BGA shape         tin ball connected after reflow




D defect: missing BGA PAD

PCB BGA soldering

BGA ball is light color in X-Ray And ball radius is smaller


E: air-ball

PCB BGA soldering

1-round blaze in x-ray
2-the more light air-ball, the more series


F defect: shifting

PCB BGA soldering

1-Tin ball shifted≤25% accept

2-Tin ball shifted>25% unaccepted


G defect (air-ball volume=32.5%, reject: 25% = 1/4 of the tin ball

PCB BGA soldering

Air-ball acceptable standard:
1- air-ball volume ≤tin ball 25% accept
2- air-ball volume ≥tin ball 25% unaccepted


H DR2 balls 11*9 correct picture(single side)

PCB BGA soldering