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Treepcb provides the one stop service including PCB fabrication, components purchasing, and PCB assembly, focusing on prototype PCB Assembly, small & medium volume PCB SMT, including PCB processing, PCB circuit board soldering, BGA soldering, BGA ball placement, BGA package processing, BGA fly line, SMT chip processing, and OEM services.
We are equipped with two R & D prototype PCB assembly line, one THT line, four multi-function SMT production line, 8-zone reflow soldering machine, AOI tester, X-RAY detector, Electric blast oven, high-frequency cleaning machine, precision BGA Rework station. In order to meet the increasingly common environmental requirements, we also specially equipped with the RoHS assembly line.
The main PCB applications: mobile phones, tablet PCs, satellite receivers (DVB), computer systems, computer card board, communications equipment, industrial power, instrumentation, video, video, network, military, industrial and other high-tech industries.

Why do we think Tree Technology Co., Ltd can be your PCB board manufacturer and will make difference to your PCB projects?

• One-stop service to save time and cost: PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, components purchasing.
• We supply conventional 0402, 0603 resistors and capacitors for free.
• No minimum order, 1 piece order accepted. No engineering costs, no geographical restrictions, the best quality with acceptable cost, free shipping by DHL if total weight99%, we guarantee the free rework/repair service for any possible quality problems.
• All the solder paste, cleaning agents we used are high-quality & environment-friendly products, we are using the precision laser stencil for the quality assurance.
• Simple and quick quotes, you can just hand over all the rest to Treepcb once your PCB design finished.

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Quick ordering

One-stop service from Treepcb: please see diagram below, customers prepare/provide the complete BOM list, pick & place file, Gerber file — ordering – Treepcb cross checking – order confirmed – PCB fabrication,stencil processing,components purchasing– PCB assembly — Delivery


Customers supply the bare PCB boards and components: please see diagram below, customers prepare/provide the complete BOM list, pick & place file, Gerber file — ordering – Treepcb cross checking – order confirmed – customer supplied material arriving–  PCB assembly — Delivery


Tree Technology acts in strict accordance with the following process of printed circuit boards assembly:


Stencil processing – solder paste printing – pick & place – QC – Reflow – THT – QC – Cleaning – Drying – Packaging – Finished
Processing with these footprint: BGA, CSP, PLCC, LGA, QFN, QFP, TQFP, QFN, PLCC, SOT, SOIC, 0805,0603,0402,0201, etc.
Strict quality control: we guarantee assembly quality rate of≥99%. If any soldering defects, we are committed to free repair. We are offering stable and reliable quality and high commissioning rate, look forward to working with you in near future!

Related documents: After the PCB Layout is finished, please help to send the related documents to the PCB factory and SMD factory. Normally, setting the coordinate origin, adjusting to the metric unit, producing the coordinate file, and then adjust back to the British unit, produce Gerber file (no mirroring); do not set the origin of the coordinates. Using 1: 1, do not enlarge.