Treepcb not only provides staff with a good working environment and training opportunities, we strive to be a top printed circuit boards fabrication, pcb assembly company, also we provide with component management and other processes are all in the operation with professional staff, but also pays great importance to the physical fitness of staff and their teamwork ability. In order to better stimulate the workers’ enthusiasm, and establish a positive communication, mutual trust, unity and cooperation between workers, cultivate team awareness, enhance the sense of responsibility and a sense of belonging. Treepcb all employees participated in the team to develop the theme of field training activities in November 1, 2016 to November 2.

November 1, 8:30 am, we are ready to go to Shenzhen Dapeng. Outdoor Training is a set of training process of shaping the vitality of the team and promoting the growth of the organization. It is a set of outdoor experiential simulation training specially designed to meet the needs of modern team building. Before training, the coach divided all people into six groups, name them as running team, Tomahawk team, prairie team, Assembly team, Lightning and Dream Team separately. 10 o’clock we arrived at the destination, put on a heroic camouflage clothing line up a good team. Then, under the guidance of the coach, all the staff in the queue display, team building, heart challenge, march training, bonfire party, agitation, armored vehicles, wind and rain road and other activities on the Competition. Which is a strong sense of the work of life and life of friends, family, colleagues, leadership, which has been selfless help to support our people in order to allow themselves a lot less detours, so have a grateful heart, the establishment of team members Mutual trust and colleagues friendship.

The strength of the six groups is comparable to each other. But we don’t not compare who is high or low, but in the process, what you gain, what you felf, thinking about the previous work and behavior patterns, for their work to bring what kind of obstacles to upload the distortion issued for the implementation of What effect does force bring about? Through the expansion of training, everyone saw their own advantages and disadvantages, but also felt the importance of cooperation and communication, which for the future work laid a good foundation. Colleagues in the practice of exercise learning, experience in learning to change, benefit, with more life insights. In the experience of dedication, cooperation, courage to bring the joy of success, everyone deeply feel the “responsibility, collaboration, self-confidence,” the essence, and as a member of the team to assume responsibility. At this time, under the intense work and pressure, close to nature, feel the mountains and rivers, flying mind, improve work efficiency, mobilize enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the company’s human construction and sustainable development provides a solid foundation.
During this activity, we realized the importance of teamwork in overcoming the objective obstacles, realizing the importance of teamwork in achieving the team’s common goals, such as co-ordination, unified command, effective command and effective implementation. In each member of the special value. The activities in the active participation of everyone under the successful completion of the participating staff training in the experience of the process clearly see their blind spots, the team’s blind spots, and effectively tap the potential of their own and the team to strengthen the team awareness of workers, Enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness, to show Treepcb’s youthful vitality and style.

In this development activities, there is always people to sum up their own ideas in each project, we are all active in the final sharing of the summary, Mr Yin and Mr Yao have done a comprehensive analysis and summary in the activities, also pointed out the meaning and how to apply this spirit to our work. Outward Bound training is short, but to each member has left a profound inspiration, understanding between members, trust and communication, teamwork, reasonable co-ordination, beyond themselves! Every participant in the psychological and physical breakthrough. We believe TreePCB will certainly be able to provide our clients with more professional and more responsible one-stop PCB fabrication and assembly services.
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