C922 Pro Stream Webcam camera, it can be the player’s stream content superimposed on other video, you can record 1080p content.
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In 2012 there is a webcam. Recently, the new C922 Pro Stream Webcam can produce 720p video at 60fps, or record 1080p content.
The camera is even equipped with a tripod. The question is: now in year 2016, and who wants a webcam? This is a good question. We still think that some people need webcams because you like Twitch.
Before the launch of the C920 camera can also shoot HD video, the new C922 what is unique? It can replace the background. In short, the camera can be separated from the player and the background, the game player can stream their own content superimposed on other video.
C922 is aimed at streaming media enthusiasts, it can help users easily create clear, professional content. If it is 1080p video, the maximum speed 30fps, if it is 720p content, you can reach 60fps. Upload very quickly very smooth, because the PCB camera built-in H.264 video compression components, while in the broadcast can also save processing power and save bandwidth. C922 Pro Stream is the perfect integrated streaming media playback solution. It is equipped with a double omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone, you can capture stereo from any angle, the installation of adjustable desktop tripod, and you can take a better angle shooting.
In addition, the camera also supports automatic low light correction technology, with advanced auto-focus function, full HD glass lens can be adjusted according to the user’s action and the environment position, even in the dark environment does not affect the use.
On the Windows platform, users can put digital dynamic background, in other words, users can easily embed their live images into Twitch or YouTube games, do not need to set through a complex green screen.
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