The importance of repeat order, it can help you to avoid hundreds of or thousands of millions losses, if there is problems after your mass SMT assembly, then we can’t imagine the lost, please finish this article.

Case 1: After prototype order finished, there is no any issue after serious testing, then we just use the original Gerber file formass printed circuit board production. (This is the most dangerous action)

Treepcb analysis: It is completely wrong if you place mass order directly after prototype testing ok, please do remember to place repeat order first. Maybe you will think prototype no problem then mass production will be also no problem, the answer is NO. Prototyping no problem does not mean that there is no problem in the mass production. Prototyping itself can verify the circuit function is no problem, also verify that the CAM circuit board factory production process is no problem. However, it doesn’t exclude there is no problem about your PCB design file, also doesn’t exclude there will be personnel mistake happen during CAM processing, which may lead to such a situation: prototyping seems ok, while mass production will be serious problems. The nightmare is that the problem was happened after SMT soldering finished, you will pay a heavy losses, maybe tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of lost! Please do not hold the idea for luck, maybe you didn’t meet such problems before, while troubles will wait for you next time!

May be your prototype order is to verify the function, when you place the repeat order, you can modify the following information: surface finishing, solder mask color, or even finished board thickness.

However if your prototype PCB order is in single pieces, while you plan panelization in your repeat order, then how to solve?

Treepcb can help you, just providing the panel drawing or entrust Treepcb to finish this job, convenient and simple.
Case 2: There are many different customers, such as prototyping function ok, and then plan to change the legend or a small change on the circuit, or similar change like this. We strongly suggest first article inspection before mass production. Just in case of big lost after all components assembled.

For example: Many customers lost too much because they didn’t place repeat order and didn’t have the first article inspection. May we have your attention, please pay attention to the mass production, please pay attention to the mass production, please try repeat order as much as you can, please try repeat order as much as you can!
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