IC circuit board to a medical examination, these methods are super practical
Ic board troubleshooting is a tough job ,because of the ic manufacturing is a complex process ,those are having thin and dense circuit .evaluation of ic can be done through neon technology through taking thin wire .replacement of pin or dismantle the pin is very tough work or impossible to replace the pin .

Multi-strand copper wire Disordering Removal Method
Stranded wire is a bundle of small gauge wires wrapped in particular pattern inside insulation to make a larger conductor, before removing of pin need to heat
Strand wire with rosin alcohol, pin will absorb the so It will cut as a solder portion
This with same condition can be used with braided wire shield, a shielded cable is an electrical cable one or more insulated by common conductive layer.

Tin suction Removal Method
Tin dismantle method is very commonly method to remove the ic pin in this case take two electric solder iron and place on the pin until get heat slowly move the IC body removing IC from the board is some time impossible, need got air gun dry solder wire if it’s not done carefully may be pad damage or IC got damage.
Passive component are fine but in case of multiple pin IC very difficult to remove in case by force someone want to remove pads or IC got damage .

Increasing the solder melts Removal Method
in this case need to add more solder at removal point of pin, while starting heat transfer to the pin pad solder getting melt and so pins start leaving the original place ,with the help of tweezers we can remove the ic .

The medical hollow needle demolition method
In this method take multiple hollow pin to manifold the pin .put hot solder iron with needle so that pins on the printed circuits PCB completely separate, repeat this multiple time so easily remove the pin from fr4 printed circuit boards .electric iron brush with the law disassembly;

printed circuit boards

It is similar method like two solder iron, in which one solder heat up to tin melt, once tin melt then rub the point and remove the scrap tin. This method can be divided into feet were also divided into columns. Finally, he pointed tweezers or small “a” word screwdriver to pry the manifold.