PCB stencil

TreePCB are stencil experts with sharp details, practically non-radius inside corners and clean edges. It helps our customers to make a strong visual impact with crisp, professional appeal. Our stainless steel stencils were specially designed for the designer’s market so everyone can have access to a high-quality SMT stencil at a low price.

• Eliminates tedious hand soldering of prototype PCB boards
• Reduce PCB prototype assembly time
• Better quality than a Mylar or Kapton stencil

We provide support framed, frameless, prototype and rework PCB stencil. We produce Very clean laser-cut apertures with Unique Process for smooth aperture walls. Hence producing excellent SMT stencil for high-volume stencil printing on printed circuit boards.
TreePCB is also excellent provider for Prototype SMT Stencils. They are produced by laser cutting and custom made Prototype SMT Stencils for our customer’s Gerber or CAD files to match your prototype printed circuit board. These frameless solder paste stencils are specifically designed for manual printing.

Ordering Stencils from Tree PCB will help you to get:
• quick turnaround, typically 1 working days or less
• no expedite charges
• excellent cut quality with sharp details and clean edge
• competitive prices
• large selection of materials and thickness on hand
• sizes can be custom built
• Excellent Print Performance and paste release characteristics
• Excellent for High-Volume Stencil Printing on printed circuit boards
• Unique Process Creates Permanent Non-removable Non-fading Fiducials
• Laser-Cut Apertures to provide optimum solder paste volume control
• Allowance for Fiducial markings
• Allowance for panelized arrays

Our Steel stencils offer the best paste release characteristics available and are frequently used for fine pitch (Min lead pitch:0.3mm; Min BGA pitch: 0.4mm) SMT applications on printed circuit boards. They are also used for µBGA’s, Flip Chip, and Wafer Bumping (12 mil to 6 mil pitch).


                                                                                                           Pitch Pad and Stencil Thickness