China has become the country with the largest number of SMT manufacturing machines worldwide.

Although SMT started late in China, it is only 20 years from the early 80s 20th till now, but in the introduction of digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology at the same time we have gone through the theoretical exploration and the initial stage of batch test, then steps into the new stage of deepening research and large quantities Production and application.

After 20 years of development, China’s annual demand for placement machine has increased 15-20%. From the pick & place machines inventory, China has become the county with the largest number of SMT machines, and also the largest and most important placement machine market worldwide. It is estimated that in the field of LED special placement machine (to assembly aluminum PCB or Metal core PCB), in 2014 the market capacity is more than 1,000 units. And in 2016 the domestic demand for pick & placement machines has increased to 3000 more or less, in which for the LED special placement machine demand is about 1300 units. In addition, considering the big LED lamps and LED display market, the capacity for LED special placement machines will reach to 319 million RMB, in the next three years, LED composite placement machine market compound growth rate will be close to 30%.

SMT manufacturing

It can be seen, SMT China is coming, China is becoming a global center of SMT manufacturing, China’s LED placement machine is expected to be rapid development, and during this period, we have the opportunity, but also faced with more challenges.