In TREEPCB, every PCB circuit board is a promise, quality is life.
We are constantly implementing more efficient manufacturing processes to lower your cost, maintaining partnerships with PCB raw material suppliers and conservatively managing our team to have the best PCB circuit board manufacturing.
The quality raw material guarantees the steady product of TREEPCB, we are seriously in cooperating with the following well-known brand raw material suppliers which can assure the stability and reliability of the on-time material supply, meanwhile can satisfy the different product application from our customers. Contact us to talk more about your material selecting.

PCB Materials:
FR-4 (KB, SHENGYI):  Lead-Free Compatible FR4, Halogen Free FR4, Special prepreg, Thermal conductive FR4
FR-4, 170 Tg
FR-4, > 170 Tg
Rogers 4000
Lead-Free temp rated
Halogen Free
Pyralux Flexible Polyimide
Aluminum base, metal core

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