PCB & PCBA supplier


1. What we need for an assembly quotation?
Gerber files of the bare PCB board.
BOM (Bill of material) for assembly.
Pick place files
Testing Guide & Test Fixtures if necessary.

2. Do you have MOQ on assembly?
No, we accept even one piece assembly

3. Can you resource components?
Yes, we can resource components if customer requires. Or provided by customer.

4. Do you supply stencil?
Yes, standard stencil is 0.1mm thickness with frame.

5. How do you handle the unused components?
We return the unused components to customer.

6. What is the most important consideration during PCB assembly?
I: How to take precautions against static discharge: isolation, neutralization, grounding and environmental control
a, control the environments of static electricity: control the temperature and humidity in the workroom; keep the worktables and workshops clean
b, grounding: anti-static wrist strap
c, isolation: anti-static packaging
d, neutralization: anti-static clothing and anti-static gloves; ionic electric fan

II: PCB placement and assembly considerations
a, PCBs cannot be stacked too high
b, There must be bag or sponge isolation between the PCBs, the PCB and the desktop, to avoid directly contact
c, Don’t force the PCB during assembly. Don’t let it become deformed. Try to protect the components especially the SMD resistor.
d, Use good anti-static measures when assembling the PCBs.