Before PCB board manufacturing, PCB raw material selection is quite important for PCB quality and reliability. Treepcb cooperates with high level quality raw material suppliers only. Customers can ask for different raw material according to the specific PCB application.

Please take a view at the following kinds of FR4 substrate, or contact our sales rep at for more details and discussion.

First, the ordinary FR-4 series CCL
1, FR-4 A1 grade CCL: it is mainly used in military, communications, computers, digital circuits, industrial instrumentation, automotive circuits and other electronic products, the series of products fully meet the world-class level, which is the highest grade and the best performance product.

2, FR-4 A2 grade CCL: it is mainly used for ordinary computers, instrumentation, advanced home appliances and general electronic products. The performance indicators can meet the requirements of general industrial electronic products. Have a good price performance ratio.

3, FR-4 A3-type CCL: This grade CCL is specifically for the home appliance industry, computer peripheral products and general electronic products (such as toys, calculators, game consoles, etc.) development and production of FR-4 CCL products. Which is characterized by performance to meet the requirements of the premise, the price is highly competitive advantage.

4, FR-4 AB-class CCL: This grade is for low-grade products. But the performance indicators can still meet the ordinary home appliances, computers and general needs of electronic products, the price is the most competitive. Performance and price ratio is also quite good.

5, FR-4 B-type CCL: This is the secondary class, poor quality and stability, does not apply to the larger area of the circuit board products, generally applicable to the size of less than 100mm × 200mm products. It is the most inexpensive, so customers should pay attention to use.

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Second, CEM-3 series CCL
There are three colors available for CEM-3 series: white, black and natural color. Mainly used in computers, LED industry, watches and clocks, general household electrical appliances and ordinary electronic products (such as VCD, DVD, calculators, toys, game consoles, etc.). Its main feature is the good punching performance, suitable for large quantities which require stamping process PCB products. There are A1, A2, A3 three quality grades, can meet a variety of different requirements from different customer.

Third, black FR-4 CCL dedicated for the clock
There are three quality grades: A1, A2 and A3 FR-4 CCL. Its thickness, blackness, resistance to solubility and so on are in full compliance with the requirements of watches and clocks. Among them, A1 series quality can achieve world-class level, it is used wildly in a large number of foreign senior quartz watches. A3-class product quality can meet the quality requirements of ordinary watches and clocks, and the price is the most competitive. Applicable to instrumentation, optical instruments.

Fourth, special purpose FR-4 CCL
1, high CTI CCL: This product meets the highest level of IEC requirements, can be used in large-scale television, small power supply, communications equipment and air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and other high demand for CTI electronic products.
2, medium and high heat resistance FR-4 CCL: it can be used for the general lead-free welding process, it has better heat resistance compared with ordinary FR-4 series CCL.

Fifth, FR-4 halogen-free CCL
This series of base material is developed to adapt the trend of CCL environmental protection and development, which can be used in the military, communications, computer digital circuits, industrial instrumentation, automotive circuits and other electronic products.

Sixth, multi-layer board materials
Multi-layer materials are the following: 1, semi-cured tablets (1080, 2116, and 7628)
2, copper foil (0.5OZ, 1.0OZ, 1.5OZ, 2.0OZ, and 3.0OZ)
3, from the film
4, laminated professional kraft paper.

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