Circut board Fabrication with standard Specs

Circut board Fabrication with standard Specs — Treepcb provides standard specs double layer and multilayer PCB circuits, with the service to match, whether it is prototype or mass production. We are in full control of the manufacturing process, using advanced equipment and techniques to ensure you receive the very best quality for the budget you are working to. Once the prototype has been manufactured and tested, mass production can then be initiated using multiple machines, allowing us to produce batches with a manufacturing capacity from 25,000 to 30,000 SQM monthly.
What’s more, we offer free set-up and e-testing for your repeat mass orders.
•1.6mm thickness
• Solder mask:green/white/black/blue/yellow/purple
• Silkscreen: white/black
• 1 oz copper thickness
• Trace/Space: 5/5 mils
• Surface finishing: HASL, HASL-LF, ENIG, ENEPIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP
• Minimum Hole Size: 0.254mm
• Standard stack up for multilayer
• Max board dimension: 650*500mm
• Fiducials and/or Tooling Holes
• Plated or Non-plated holes
• Non-plated slots and cutouts
Send us the following information for a precise quote:
• Gerber files (RS-274-X format)
• Detailed requests (material, thickness, copper, surface, quantity, etc.)
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Circut board

6 Layer PCB FR-4 0.2mm Thickness I/G Blue Tooth Board


Layer: 6 layer
Material: Standard FR-4
Thickness: 0.2mm thickness
Finished copper weight: 1 oz
Solder mask: Green
Silkscreen: White
Surface treatment: HASL
Min trace width and space: 6mil / 6mil
Min. Via: 10 mil
Profile: CNC routing, v-scoring
QTY: Prototype, middle volume, mass production
Testing: Flying probe; 100% Fixture E-testing
Package: vacuum package
Quality reports: Solder ability test, E-test, AOI inspection

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