Custom printed circuit board and standard spec printed circuit board FAQ

Custom printed circuit board and standard spec printed circuit board, from manufacturing through assembly, if you’d like your PCB question get answered right and on time, please refer to our following general FAQ, or please contact our engineer team for any technical questions at

• What does TREEPCB do?

Tree Technology as one the professional circuit board companies, we supply the following PCB services:
PCB Fabrication: rigid PCB, flexible PCB, metal core PCB, Custom printed circuit board
PCB SMT&DIP: full-automatic & semi-automatic options
Parts sourcing
• Can you assemble PCB?
Yes, please click here to PCB assembly
• How much it costs?
For an exact price quotation, please send your RFQs to, we will quote back within 12hours.

• Why we quote at square meter
If we come to a conclusion to your PCB project or Custom printed circuit board, we will calculate how much materials used according to your drawing or layout, and then, we cut and incise the materials separately, there may be material wastage and extra cost, that is why we quote at square meter. However, please don’t worry; use ratio of the material is the most important factor we have considered.
What dowe need for a quotation?
Normally, we prefer to have your Gerber files in RS-274-X format; PCB details and quantity.
Also Protel99SE、DXP、PADS、powerpcb, EAGLE files are available.


• What payment do you accept?
We accept T/T by HSBC Hong Kong, Western union, PayPal

• Do you offer Quick Turn PCB service?
TREEPCB (circuit board companies) provides Quick Turn PCB Prototype and Express PCB and Custom printed circuit board service. We have a PCB Allegro Factory to guarantee on-time delivery of customers’ PCB.
We understand the demanding marketplace and the need for getting Printed Circuit Boards fast to meet your schedule, so long as the commitment we have made will certainly deliver on time.

 Quick-Turn PCB lead-time
Layers Prototype(≤3㎡) small/mid(≤10㎡)
Expedited Normal Expedited Normal
1 layer 1 business day 3 business days 3 business days 5 business days
2 layers 1 business day 5 business days 4 business days 7 business days
4 layers 2 business days 6 business days 6 business days 9 business days
6 layers 4 business days 7 business days 8 business days 11 business days
8 layers 5 business days 8 business days 9 business days 12 business days

The above lead time is only for manufacturing, contact us now to confirm and learn more.
• What is your PCB applications?
Consumer Electronics/Telecommunications/Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation/Automotive Electronics/Medical Electronics


• What kind of materials are available
FR-4, 170 Tg
FR-4, > 170 Tg
Rogers 4000
Lead-Free temp rated
Halogen Free
Pyralux Flexible Polyimide (flexible pcb)
Aluminum / copper based (metal core pcb)


• What methods of shipment are available?
We can ship via the carrier (DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT) you choose and use your shipping account if provided; or optionally to ship through our account (agent carrier) to save 20% costs.


• Do you promise 100% testing?
Yes, we promise 100% flying probe for PCB prototyping and 100% e-testing for PCB mass.
• What is your standard package?
Vacuum and Carton package; standard export package.