PCB Fabrication
• Rapid prototyping
• Full production
• IPC III standards
Gerber Files
Professional makes communication simple. Customer can give us design documents in any format (CAM350-Gerber / Genesis2000-Gerber / Protel 99SE, Altium Designer, Cadence- Allegro, PowerPCB, PADS2005-2007,). Our engineers can quickly open and view the customer’s engineering design files to read and understand the customer’s PCB fabrication requirements.

Raw material supplier
Treepcb cooperates with high quality raw material supplier only which can promise on time material supply to meet different PCB requirements from different customers.

• Rigid PCB material: FR-4 (KB, SHENGYI)/FR-4, 170 Tg/FR-4, > 170 Tg/Teflon/Rogers 4000, Lead-Free temp rated/Ceramic/Halogen Free
• FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit board) & rigid-flex pcb: PI, PET, PEN, FR-4
Metal core PCB: aluminum PCB board, copper PCB board

Multilayer PCB, 1~5 day turns,IPC III standard
• HDI To 3+
• Stacked Micro Vias
• Copper Filled
• Blind/Buried Vias
• Min trace/space:3/3mil
• Sequential Lamination
• Via-in-pad
• Special Materials
• Hybrid Constructions

High-precision multi-layer circuit boards:
In Treepcb, the imported Japan DAH TYAN and Italy Cedal lamination machines, Italy Pluritec drilling machines and AOI inspection, 3D X-RAY inspection to ensure that each piece of PCB board is 100% accurate and error free.
Vias size: In Treepcb, we’ve imported Japan’s Hitachi and Germany Schmoll machines, these high standard equipments are used for accuracy of holes: 0.08 ~ 10.mm

According to customer requirements, if there is special outline and hole/vias requirement, our company will be able to purchase the Japanese / German / American brand drill bits or router to meet the specific PCB applications.

Surface Finish
HASL/HASL-LF/ENIG/Immersion Silver/Immersion Tin/Flash Gold/Golden Finger (up to 10U’)/selective gold plating/OSP

2 layer prototype
Optional 12 hours expedited, 24 hours expedited, 48 hours expedited, at fairly normal price, but even short lead time than your local supplier.

pcb fabrication