With the developing scale of the modern manufacturing industry, it is an important part to use the NC machines for production processing. NC machines industry is not only the basic of manufacturing, but also the spine industry to promote the development of the national economy. As a professional PCB copy board manufacturer, although we think the NC machines industry started late in China, but after decades of independent research and development and with the reverse technology of PCB copy board, the machine tool industry began to pick up gradually in China.

In the early days of liberation, it is difficult to develop the NC machine industry because of material shortage. Later the Country began to support the machine tool industry vigorously and promote the national economic construction as well as the development of domestic machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, the CNC machine industry development plays an important role. However, we were short of the core technology because it was monopolized from abroad which hampered the NC machine industry seriously.

Because of reform and opening, china’s NC machine industrial technology is advancing to ever higher levels, we imported the advance technology and equipment, absorbing the design concept of the high-end product abroad, and there was the rapid development of NC machine industry. Especially the PCB copy, Chip decryption and other reverse R & D technology has become a key focus.
Recently, the PCB copy board team has a breakthrough in the reverse R&D, they broke the monopoly abroad, and made the secondary development of part performance based on the original technology, this adapt better to meet the domestic industry demand for CNC machine tools and reduce the production costs.

According to the technical staff from the PCB copy reverse R & D center revealed that the CNC machines with the modified PCB control board is much better for automatic production, greatly improving the product precision and improve production efficiency. The CNC machines technology level is an important symbol of a nation’s mechanization and modernization. With the smooth progress of CNC machine tools research and development, it will accelerate the goal of revitalizing the PCB manufacturing industry for China.

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