PCB circuit board

How to ensure high-level quality and service

PCB circuit board — TREECB has invested heavily to import the world’s most advanced and modern equipment, used for PCB circuit board manufacturing and testing. These equipment are mostly imported from the United States, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and other countries, We also have the marketing, technical and production team to provide technical supports, manufacturing operations and ordering service 24 hours a day seven days a week , in order to provide a quick and comprehensive response to the individual needs of our customers.
Total quality control and management of PCB circuit boards is necessary to manage the entire production process, It involves the design, materials, equipment, technology, testing, storage, packaging, quality, employees and other aspects of management. To obtain high-quality PCBs, we must pay attention to the following aspects:

First: Good design aspects of the product
Good design is the most fundamental way to produce quality products, Printed circuit board design is an effective way to solve the problem of electromagnetic compatibility, It can not only reduce the various parasitic coupling, but it can also simplify the structure, provide convenient debugging, and reducing costs. Aging screening the component when necessary, by using large-scale integrated devices, which can reduce the volume and make the work stable and reliable.

Second: excellent quality materials and suitable production facilities
High-quality raw materials are necessary to produce qualified PCBs, with a rigorous selection and reasonable approach, combined with good technology to produce it, Therefore it is very important to strengthen the management of the excellent quality materials and to conduct a thorough inspection of the production facilities.

1. Using good quality raw materials
The main raw materials used in the production process must be inspected by the quality inspection departments, those that pass the inspection are stamped with the qualified seal or mark; those that failed the inspection must not be allowed to enter the production area. Some important raw materials, such as foil covered board, should be processed in accordance with a single cutting, after the cutting table clad plate is registered. The unqualified raw materials should be well marked with rejection forms completed and then moved to quarantine storage.


2. Quality inspection in the production process
Our quality inspection departments play a role in the supervision and inspection of the production process, to make sure that the operating person strictly follows the process steps, processes files and understand the processing methods, process parameters, and civilized production requirements.
Any non-compliance must be corrected immediately. No individual has the right to arbitrarily modify the technology specifications. The semi-manufactured 2~~5 boards in each process should be sent to the inspectors, to check and ensure that the quality is OK before they continue production.

3. Good-working production equipment and facilities
Production equipment is one of the key tools for producing the precision printed circuit boards, this directly affects the PCB quality, and is an important way to automate production for TREEPCB. The proper maintenance and management of the equipment is our priority, this includes everything from routine maintenance and repair to changing the equipment management approach to improve the capacity of machinery and equipment and to gradually improve the quality of the product. The maintenance technician must have a good attitude and determination, all staff should attach great importance to the proper maintenance and management of machinery and equipment.

4. Excellent human resources and a good production environment
It is important to have reasonable reserves and to train the company’s technology experts, strengthen the human resources management, study the production technology, keep a clean work site and good working environment and to complete the quality system and working mechanism gradually to promise quality production.

In today’s world, workers are equal to quality. TREEPCB knows well that high-quality workers affect the production efficiency directly. The recruitment and training of their progressive strengthening improve their overall quality and professional level. If we assign them to important positions related to production quality and strengthen the awareness of quality management and apply it to production practice, we can and solve their real-life problems and create a harmonious and healthy working environment. In return, they work at ease and efficiently.

a. Acceptability,
We have acceptance test for PCB raw material and every production process.

b. Air Inclusion
When materials were coated with liquid materials engineering, there are
always air inclusions remaining in the coating, such as film resin bubbles, or masking film bubbles. This air inclusion is not good for the electrical or physical PCB properties. TREEPCB is always strict in dealing with these problems.
c. AOI
The use of ordinary light or laser light with a computer program to visually inspect the appearance of the PCB circuit board.

pcb circuit board

d. AQL
Acceptable quality level: small samples will be tested before starting entire batch production.

e. ATE
TREEPCB uses automatic measuring equipment to ensure that the PCB and the circuits system are completed smoothly, that it takes on a high-voltage (e.g. 250V) universal multi-point machine tools and that it uses particular contact dial electrical measurements for the boards’ e-testing.

f. Blister
There is a 0.01% occurrence rate happen rate because we use quality material and solder mask coating.