Assembly PCB

Assembly PCB in Treepcb, we offer turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype or low/medium production volumes.
• We have appointed technicians in paste stencil, pick&place,  Reflow process, rework…etc,
ensure every process finish right at the first time.

• Professional solder reflow for high precision of BGA, QFP, 02-01, 04-02 assembly.

• Laser electrolytic polishing stencil, especially for BGA assembly.

• SMIC solder paste to ensure brilliant assembly.

• 2 working days for prototyping assembly if clients request.

turnkey pcb assembly


Components procurement
In general approach, Bill of materials (BOM) is verified as per schematic and layout. This is done to assure that components are aligned with PCB and can be soldered directly.

Final inspection
Assembly quality is verified in this stage with the available inspection machines, such as x-ray and conventional AOI machine. There should be no shorts, no solder bridges between solder balls, and no loose solder balls under or around the component or component leads.  Also manual inspection is important so that component with recommended rating is put on.  Also components are checked for polarity alignment.

We manufacture PCB boards for prototyping as well as for bulk production. In case of prototyping, small scale production is required because PCB board has to be tested for operation and integrity.  Manual process is used in case of prototyping stage so as to avoid high value of machine set-up cost. In case of bulk manufacturing,  machine and automated process is the best approach.


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