Circuit assembly Equipment   (to name a few)

Treepcb specializes in High Mix, Quick-turn Prototype and Medium production of PCB and circuit assembly in China.
At Treepcb, our professional and responsible team will work out time- critical, high-performance PCB and PCBA solutions based on your specific requests, we make the maximum effort to save your time and reduce your cost.
Our capabilities include IPC III standards and UL processing. For PCB assembly, We have four automatic SMT production lines equipped with cutting-edge technologies, such as Screen Printer, last generation pick &place machines,12 heating zones reflow, AOI & X-ray inspection
We are ready to for your PCB and SMD assembly inquiry.


circuit assembly full production


     Automatic stencil printing                                                                                         PCB lot


    Components Management                                                                                        SMT

Circuit assembly       

     Reflow & AOI                                                                                                          X-Ray Inspection