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1. How to design special shape pads
When we design the footprint of the special shape pads by PADS Layout, we can make the special shape copper associate with the terminal and combined to be the special shape pad.

a. First, select the Drafting Toolbar icon under PCB Decal Edit Drafting Toolbar, extend the drawing toolbar.

turnkey PCB Fab + PCB Assembly


b. Then select Terminal icon, adding one pad.
c. Select the Copper icon for the right drawing. Please note it must be a loop circle. In below picture, the upper part is oval copper while the rest is the rectangle terminal.

turnkey PCB Fab + PCB Assembly


d. Casting “Terminal”, selecting “Associate” by right clicking, then left clicking the oval copper to finish the pads association.
e. If there are multiple Copper, then repeat association step.

2. Wrong case
Case description:
Drawing a path by 2D Line or Copper order, realize the oval affection by setting the width, see below picture, drawing Top layer, Paste Mask Top and Solder Mask separately.

Why it is wrong: theoretically we can reach the wanted SMT PAD after having those three payers, this design idea is standard and right, however, this is disallowed by PADS design rules. Also such circuit board design only can make the oval shape copper, but the solder mask will be covered and only exposure the rectangle part.
Reason: we can’t output the oval shape from the Paste Mask Top and Solder Mask Top, resulting in stencil failure and can’t realize the exposure without solder mask cover.

In conclusion, it must be “Copper” for the drawing and should be a loop, then we can get what we expected.