Tree Technology is a PCB fabrication and assembly manufacturer of high-density single sided, double-sided, multi-layer PCB, our long-term services in communications, networking, power, industrial, medical, instrumentation, military products, computer peripheral Technology, we have the most advanced international SMOBC process/ production technology, and strictly enforce the ISO9002 quality system requirements, and pursuing a “customers always satisfy with our manufactured products ” business purposes, to implement the “quality, reputation, service,” quality policy.

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The current mobile phone motherboard PCB. 8-layer laser drilling, we can satisfy lead time 12-15 days of a buried blind orifice prototype PCB, within three weeks can hand over 5000-10000 pcs! Less than 8 layer board delivery time can be reduced according to the corresponding 2-5 days!
PCB normal mass production: 6-10 layer HDI,
FPC: single-sided and double-sided flexible circuit
8 layer PCB, mobile layer.
PCB: laser drilling the smallest diameter 0.1mm, finished hole 0.05mm, drill bit minimum hole diameter 0.2mm; finished hole 0.15mm; minimum line width, space 0.1mm;
FPC: minimum diameter 0.25mm, finished hole 0.2mm; minimum line width / space 0.07mm
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