Metal Core PCB

Metal core PCB means the core substrate material is metal. We design products by following the principle of semiconductor thermal conductivity, analyzed and targeted at the application of the product, so we are professional in design and production of the thermal conductivity of metal circuit boards (aluminum substrate, Metal core PCB substrate). Treepcb has a deep understanding of high-power LED lighting thermal resistance processing technology, we’ve developed high-power LED cooling substrate, an effective solution to the LED cooling problem, the product is widely used in LED monitoring security, LED lighting, LED engineering lighting, household appliances, electronics, machinery and equipment and other fields.

The main technical parameters are as follows:
Processing capability: single / double / multi-layer aluminum circuit board, copper-based circuit board, single / double-sided aluminum base LF- , LF-2 (Rosh aluminum); Finished PCB board thickness: 0.2-3.0mm; copper thickness: 0.5-6 oz;
The minimum line width: 0.1mm (4 mils);
Minimum line spacing: 0.1mm (4 mils);
The smallest aperture: 0.25mm (10 mils);
Processing area: 60 * 60cm (maximum length up to 1.2 meters)
Thermal conductivity: 1 w / 1.5w

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Generally speaking, aluminum is the most economic choice if we consider the thermal conductivity, rigidness, and cost. Also there is copper base metal core PCB.
The main difference between a FR4 board and MCPCB is the thermal conductivity dielectric material. It acts as a thermal bridge between the IC components and metal back board. Heat is conducted from the package through the metal core to an additional heat sink. While for FR4 PCB board, the heat will remain stagnant if it is not converted by a topical heatsink. For example, a 1W LED on the MCPCB will remain 25 degree surroundings, while the same 1W LED on a FR4 board can reach over 12 degree surroundings.
At Treepcb, if there is no special request or notes, we take the default metal core PCB as aluminum PCB. Please advise us in drawing or in Readme if you are looking for Copper Core PCB, Steel Core PCB, or Stainless steel core PCB.

If you are looking for the following metal core PCB, contact us now:

Single Layer MCPCB (only one trace layer on one side);
Double Layers MCPCB (two trace layers on the same side);
Double Sided MCPCB (two trace layers on each side);
COB MCPCB (chip-on-board, one trace layer);
Specific security Aluminum PCB
Lighting MCPCB
High-power MCPCB
3.0mm thickness Aluminum PCB
Multi Layers MCPCB (More than 2 trace layers per board);