Everything You Wanted to Know about Multilayer PCB
Multilayer PCB is used in electronic equipment like military equipment and computers. It is commonly used in the equipment that has volume and weight overload. This printed circuit board is very important in high-speed circuit and it provides more conductor pattern space and power. A multilayer printed circuit board comprises of 2 or more PCBs that are stacked together. The PCBs have a pre-defined, mutual and reliable connection. Each board has a minimum of 3 conductive layers. One layer is synthetized in an insulation board while the other two are outside.

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A complex printed circuit board
A multilayer printed circuit board is very complex. This is because its layers form a multilayer by being pressed together. Prepeg or PP is used to bond the layer of copper foil together. The manufacturing process of this PCB is also complex. The yield rate for this layer is low and reworking it is also difficult. This makes the price of this PCB relatively high.

How multilayer printed circuit boards are made
Alternating core materials and prepeg layers are laminated together using a laminating press. Extremely high pressures and temperatures are applied. This causes melting of the prepeg which joins the layers. Once the layers cool off, they form a solid and very hard multilayer board. Core and prepeg are essentially the same. However, prepeg is not cured fully. This makes it malleable than core. Using this process, a multilayer PCB manufacturer ensures that air is not trapped between the layers. Resin is used to encapsulate conductors completely. The adhesive that is used to hold layers together is cured and melted properly. There is a wide range of the materials that can be used. They include Teflon, exotic ceramic and expoxy glass materials.

Printed circuit boards are popular
The process of manufacturing multilayer printed board circuits gives it numerous advantages including small size, high assembly density, flexibility, reliability, good quality and simple installation among others. Modern electronic devices are becoming lighter and smaller. Double-sided and single-sided PCBs cannot match the high assembly density of these devices because of the limited space. Similarly, PCB layout has other problems such as stray capacitance, noise and crosstalk among others. As such, PCB design has to focus on minimizing signal line’s length and avoiding parallel routes. Due to limitations in the intersections, double-sided and single-sided PCBs cannot meet this requirement. With increasing crosses and interconnections, PCB can only yield a satisfactory performance when expanded to more layers. Multilayer PCB provides this expansion.

Our multilayer printed circuit boards have many applications including smart tech products. They provide increased flexibility, smaller size, higher assembly density, EMI shielding via careful placement of ground and power layers. Using our PCBs reduces weight since it minimizes the need for wiring harness’ interconnection. Common applications of our multilayer printed circuit boards include handheld devices, data storage, GPS technology, heart monitors, fiber optic receptors, signal transmission, file servers, phone transmission, industrial controls, weather analysis, nuclear detectors and fire alarms among others.

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