Double sided PCB

Souble sided PCB are used for the purpose as the PCB pattern utility area gets double as the PCB design gets complex. Complex PCB circuits as they have twice the area for the conductor pattern compared to single-sided PCBs. Double layer PCB have conducting areas on both sides of plane. That makes pattern making complex and requires electrical connections between them. Double sided PCB needs vias for interconnection. The double-sided printed circuit board manufacturing needs further lab setup and cannot be manufactured using PCB hobbyists. Though hobbyists are making double layer PCB by local methods of two-sided printing, drilling, pasting and electrolysing. Two layer PCB designs are used in plenty of projects which involved simple designs to complex patterns. 

double sided PCB

PCB layer:  2 layer

Quantity: min. 1 piece

PCB dimension: maximum 650 x 500 mm

Surface treatment: HASL-LF, Immersion Gold, Gold finger chamfering

Finished Copper thickness: up to 5 oz

Solder mask color: white,  black,green, blue, red, yellow, purple

Silkscreen: white,  black

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