It is in demand, industrial production and manufacturing capability efficiency all time high. Companies cannot meet quality and cost objectives with isolated design and manufacturing engineering operations.

Why Required:
In modern age, most of the companies follow the Design for assembly technique, due to this technique the are pre-analysis the production costs.There is no such a tool who can tell about labour cost for PCB assembly. PCB design technique thorough latest design tool, we can set up most of the parameter before manufacturing. The cost of assembling a product is typically proportional to its NO. of parts.

prototype pcb assembly

How to fix :
Nowadays every production in house, seeking a new parameter to how to reduce the cost of PCB manufacturing .through the clear information clear manufacturing data we can minimise the production or PCB assembly. PCB assembly and production processes are generally optimized to ensure very low levels of defects and in this way produce the highest quality product. For minimise the assembly cost below is the order: So latest technology is called design for assembly,through this engineer can identify what are the cost effective material and process to be used in production.
.Optimization of assembly process we can reduce the labor cost. Internally every organization having major concern with quality and cost with cycle of product.

prototype pcb assembly
Some wrong setup of the process also increasing the assembly costs , involvement of unusual equipment increase the time period, a designer or a specific team has to decide whether or what case applicable for a particular assembly.
Types of assembly process

• Manual Assembly
• Machine assembly for a specific product
• Automated assembly different type of board.
Before assembly these things are very important to take care:
1. Part handling

2. Part insertion Orientation

3. Minimize the Part count

4. Minimise the level of assembly
Design for assembly technology can be apply both manual and Machine, design for assembly analysis roughly analysis per unit labour and process cost .
In normal small industries there is no guideline for the follow the process where someone do component kitting and separate the component based on their behaviour.
Due to this multi engagement is there, steps and processes are increasing chances of mistake will increase the cost of printed board assembly automatically.
Component should categorise on based on their complexity, like fine pitch component and normal component where stencil is not .

We all know if BGA package is there automatically assembly cast will increase 1.3 times included x- Ray inspection.
Through DFA what we can save
• Labour cost
• Part count
• Separate fastener
• Assembly Time
• Assembly cost
• Assembly tool
• Assembly Operation
• Product development cycle
So DFA is technique accepted by worldwide DFA given approx 70% reduction cost in manual assembly.
Engineering side recommendation
• Direction and location plot should be better ,need to sue better tool
• Gerber review tool should be use friendly and it should be have and separate viewer .
• Most of things should be taken care from design side ,always place through-hole component and sensitive component at primary side
• As per guideline keep 100 mil distance from board edge and component
• Keep pad size of component as per standard or requirement
For normal low complex PCB increase the pad length for proper assembly for high end complex board need to go through IPC standard of footprint
• Escape to repeat the NO of assembly, for that make a order of like assembly second is sub assembly ,first do assembly of through hole component and lock the interface component so basic assembly will fixed .
• Initially count the NO of components and divide by number of manpower.