PCB assembly company

As a PCB assembly company, we offer components sourcing as well. There are three ways for components supply

Turnkey Kitted or consigned Combo
We supply the parts You supply the parts You supply the mains parts

We do the rest.

Components sourcing

• SMT 0201 or larger
• Bulk/Cut tape/Partial reel/Reel/Tube/Tray
• From authorized distributor

Some suppliers employ procurement staffs who know nothing about electronics to source components; or for the sake of the business interests, they use substitute components which will bring such hazards to the entire project development: It leads to wastage of money, engineer’s time and extending development schedule, extending the time to occupy the market share. In this way, customers suffer in huge loss of tangible and intangible assets. Such suppliers are shortsighted, and should not be preferred.

We have expert team which over 5 years in hardware engineering to source the components. Components procurement is done absolutely in accordance with your requirements. 100% original components are sourced from Digikey or Mouser or as per customers specified. Therefore, we can proudly say that we have the best and professional electronic components procurement services that you can find in China. Just give us your BOM list and the manufacturing files as per your specifications, we will send you an estimated quote shortly.

pcb assembly company with component sourcing