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Our innovations in manufacturing continuously keep our productivity high and failure rate low which can minimize your costs and reduce lead times, with emphasis on satisfying prototype requirements, before advancing into small/mid volume and full mass production. We offer much more than just a FR4 PCB board, also providing bare boards, professional PCBA services, electronic items and components,and other requirements you may have – a full-spectrum service. TREEPCB is a pcb board manufacturer & PCB assembly
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  • Rapid prototyping
  • Full production
  • IPC III standards
  • Lead-free/SMIC solder paste
  • AOI&X-ray test for BGA
  • Fine pitch 0.1mm
  • Laser cut stencil/step stencil
  • SMT 0201 or larger
  • Bulk/Cut tape/Partial reel/Reel/Tube/Tray
  • From authorized distributor

Standard PCB Spec

Custom PCB Spec

PCB Assembly

1.6mm thickness
Green solder mask
White silkscreen
1 oz copper thickness
Trace/Space: 5/5 mils
HASL, HASL-LF, ENIG, ENEPIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP
Min trace/space: 5/5mil
Minimum Hole Size: 0.254mm
Standard stack up for multilayer
Max board dimension: 650*500mm
Fiducials and/or Tooling Holes
Plated or Non-plated holes
Non-plated slots and cutouts

High tg FR4, Rogers, Aluminum pcb
Different solder mask available
1~3 oz copper thickness
Trace/Space down to 4/4 mils
Controlled Impedance
Blind and buried hole
Half vias/Edge plating/Press-fit hole
Peelable mask. Carbon ink
Depth control drilling
UL Markings (if requested)
Plated or Non-plated holes
Non-plated or plated slots/edges and cutout’s

SMT and Through-Hole Assembly
Fine Pitch Placement
RoHS Compliance Assembly
QFN and BGA Assembly
Prototype & Turn-Key PCB Assembly
BGA X-Ray Inspection
Low Volume PCB Assembly
Min PCB size: 50x50mm
Min component: 01005
Component max height: 25mm
Min lead pitch: 0.3mm
Min BGA ball pitch: 0.4mm
Placement precision: +/- 0.03mm
Custom steel stencil
Laser cut for Stencil manufacture for manual, semi-automatic and full automatic solder print machine, the accuracy can be 5 um.

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  • PCB fabrication and assembly under one roof

  • Skilled and responsible team in every process

  • Money back guarantee if you get faulty PCBs

  • Customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority

  • Quality Materials include FR4,Polyimide,Rogers

  • Precise multilayer PCB with IPC III standards